Just talk, not much of a heavy message

Why Would A Home Inspector Blog?

I often wonder why a home inspector would blog. Why would I want to blog? Much of what we do as a home inspector is not entertainment. So a blog that is written by a home inspector will rarely have humor, or shock value, or heavy social commentary as so many bloggers offer.

There are many ways that home buyers and home owners can learn about their home or the home they hope to own. I want my blog posts to be of value to you when you search for answers about your home. Most of my posts will be answers to real questions that I have written elsewhere on the internet.

If you were to ask an experienced web designer or web marketing expert, they will remind us that blogging is of value to boost our Google Search Engine ranking so we will come up higher in the search results. That is not why I blog. It may however be a beneficial side effect.

The reason that I have blogged in the past and will begin to re-post some old blog posts is because I wanted to write answers to questions that are important to home owners.

Other home inspectors may look in on my writings from time to time and I hope they comment on my posts. Remember that I write from the perspective of someone who lives and works in the Midwest. The homes we inspect here were built for the climate and weather that is typical for this area in Northeastern Illinois. Every part of the country has their own climate and weather which have historically impacted how homes have been built, from the foundation to the roof, for generations.

Hansen Home Inspections

Using my experience as a builder to inspect your home.
John C Hansen, LEED AP

I have been involved in home building most of my career. In total, I have managed some or all of the construction phases and details of nearly 1,000 homes. I have at various times worked for the largest home builder in the United States and later I worked with the oldest home builder in Illinois. I started out as an Assistant Superintendent on a community of 60 homes in Streamwood, Illinois. In addition to that community, I was the construction superintendent for four off-site homes built in Fox Lake, Ingleside, Inverness, and Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Through the course of my career I served as Superintendent, Project Manager, Contracts Manager, Director of Construction, and Director of Contracts and Purchasing.

The many types of homes that I have worked on included single family, duplexes, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 unit multi-family condominiums.

My longest time with one builder was almost 10 years building in the Fox Valley from Aurora to Batavia. I have also built homes in St Charles, Woodstock, Fox Lake, Waukegan, Olympia Fields, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, Lake Forest, Glenview, Hanover Park, Lake In The Hills and many other scatter site locations in Kane, McHenry, Lake, and Cook Counties.

The smallest home that I built in Aurora was less than 1000 square feet with a one car attached garage. The largest home was in Lake Forest that was over 3500 square feet with a three car attached garage.