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Preparing A House For Inspection Part 1 – Turn On All Of The Utilities

Turn On The Utilities

If you are living in your home, this one is not for you because you have all the utilities turned on right?

But listing agents of vacant homes need to keep this in mind. They may not know if all the utilities are on unless they ask the owner. And the buyer’s agent should ask this question as well. Speculators, Absentee Owners, Banks, and Receivers may have their homes winterized as well. Recently rehabbed or even refurbished homes may have the utilities off while work is being done on the home. Even a short time while being vacant may be enough for the utilities to be turned off.

Think of all of the key utilities such as Water Service, Electrical Power, Natural Gas, Propane, or Fuel Oil. Even miscommunications can happen between the owners and the utility companies. Both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent should be aware of this as a potential for delays or disappointment.

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