Preparing A House For Inspection Part 2 – Light The Way

Light The Way

The simplest things can make a home look better to the buyers and help the Home Inspector write a cleaner inspection report. Owners, Listing Agents, and Home Stagers can help each other by putting just a bit of thought into the preparations that get a home ready to show and ready for the inevitable Home Inspection. And the buyer’s agent could call ahead to ask if these simple things have been addressed.

On a recent inspection, I found numerous light bulbs that were not working. All the way from the basement to the attic. You may think that it is not important. But it takes very little time to go through your home with a box of bulbs and install them wherever they are burned out. And don’t forget the front and back porch and the garage coach lights. The garage interior is also a place that will be inspected so check it as well. CFL or LED bulbs are economical enough that you could change the burned out bulbs today and have fewer items on the inspection list when that day comes for the home to be inspected.

The inspector cannot guess if the issue is simply a burned out bulb or an electrical issue such as wiring or a defective fixture. When you go the extra mile and change all the bulbs today, they will last through the entire listing period and the Home Inspection that will follow.

On another recent inspection, I found every light bulb working and there were extra new bulbs on the kitchen counter that had been left by the agent. This was a first class way of announcing that the home was ready for inspection. I hope it becomes a trend to see that sort of effort put into the simple things by the listing agents or the stagers.

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